Current lead time 1-2 weeks. Current lead time 1-2 weeks.




Multiply Furniture and Baby Birch made a very last minute decision to go to Design Jhb this year. 

With 2 weeks to go we really had to pull out all stops to get it together.  Favours were called in, brains were picked, stand designs, colours, curating were the order of the day. 

When we arrived on the Thursday to put everything together, we really felt like the ‘poor cousins’.  We got to work in the shadows of our neighbours stands, which towered around us in sheer height and floor size. 

By the time we left, after 11pm, we were done.  It looked fabulous and we were feeling rather proud of ourselves, a job well done.  Walking out of the Sandton Convention Centre that night, we realised we were the only company that had finished our stand, there was still a flurry of activity happening everywhere around us. 

To say we felt good is an understatement, considering we had only decided at the last minute to book the space, that we got a stand up that looked far better than we expected and on time was nothing short of a miracle.  We call it our ‘on a wing and a prayer’ stand. 

The next 3 days passed in a total blur, we were busy from the time we walked in on Friday through to close of business on Sunday afternoon.  All 3 of us loved every minute of the show, the atmosphere, the quality of exhibitors, the interaction with customers, and, best of all, the feedback. 

People loved what we had to show them.  We were the new kids on the block and we were getting the right reaction. 

We will be back!