The Cracker Cheese Board

R 243.00

The Cracker Cheese Board comes with a genuine leather thong for extra detail and for ease of hanging up in your kitchen.  It is so versatile, great to use for cheeses, breads, anti-pasta, etc.

Dimensions        350 x 120 x 18mm


Care and Maintenance

Hand wash your board after each use with mild soap and warm water.  Wipe dry and allow to dry standing up and separately from other boards.  Never allow your board in a dishwasher or standing water.  White vinegar or lemon can be used to disinfect and remove smelly odors.  Grape-seed oil is a good food-safe oil to polish your board, it does not interact with water and thus doesn’t go rancid.  It helps to maintain a beautiful finish and prevents cracking and protects the wood against bacteria and undesired odors 

Due to it being made from wood, a natural product, grains and shades vary.